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Consular Waiver Visas in New York


There are over 280 U.S. Consulates and Embassies worldwide. Consular processing has become an extremely specialized area of immigration law. One must determine which visa best suits one's needs and desires and then which U.S. Embassy or Consulate should be notified to request issuance of this visa. A nonimmigrant visa is required by anyone seeking temporary admission into the United States who is not eligible to travel visa free under the Visa Waiver Program, or is not exempt from the work visa requirement. Nonimmigrant visas cover visits for tourism, business, work or study. An immigrant visa is required by anyone seeking to take up indefinite or permanent residence in the US.

New York Consular Waiver Lawyers at Figeroux & Associates, our New York consular waiver attorneys have represented thousands of foreign nationals who needed assistance requesting visas in foreign counties. To take advantage of our specialized experience in consular processing, call our New York law office at 718-834-0190.

Waivers of Grounds of Inadmissibility People attempting to obtain a visa or green card through a consulate may face a difficult challenge if they are deemed to have certain grounds of inadmissibility. These may include a previous deportation, certain criminal convictions and other immigration violations.

Our experienced consular processing attorneys and waiver lawyers in New York will assist you in formulating the strongest waiver.

The 5 - and 10-Year Bar Foreign nationals who have been previously deported from the United States or removed by an Immigration Judge or an Immigration Inspector at the border are generally prohibited from applying for readmission to the U.S. for a period of five or ten years. However, foreign nationals subjected to this bar of entry may file a waiver with their application for a temporary visa.

If you have been previously deported or removed from the United States, it is critical to contact an attorney who has specialized credentials in this area of law. Figeroux & Associates has successfully represented many clients who have been granted this type of waiver.

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