Professional Criminal Defense Investigations and Resources

While all criminal cases do not require the services of a professional investigator, in those that do, the investigator is one of the most important members of the defense team. The investigator has several different, but equally important functions in preparing for an effective defense to the government’s charges. Figeroux & Associates, attorneys work with investigators who are former Federal and State law enforcement officers, that have the knowledge, skills, experience and training to provide professional criminal defense investigations.

One of the first things that the investigator must do is to verify and validate the investigation conducted by law enforcement officers and agencies. Far too often, police identify a suspect and then seek to build a prosecutable case against that individual. In doing this, they sometimes slant information or cast information in the light most harmful to the defendant, ignoring other possible suspects. A criminal defense investigator will review the police investigation and re-interview witnesses to find changes in their stories and to develop new and independent leads.

Seeking out new and unidentified witnesses is just as vital in preparing the defense case. These new witnesses often provide information that contradicts the “facts” upon which the prosecution is basing its case.
Having the ability to properly evaluate witnesses both as to their truthfulness and veracity, as well as the image that they will convey to a jury should they be called upon to testify. This often requires the investigator to learn about each witness in order to discover if there is anything in their personal background and/or their physical or mental condition that can be used effectively either to bolster or attack their testimony. Securing qualified investigators is costly, but is worth the investment.

Crime Scene Examination

Preservation of a crime scene is paramount to a successful criminal investigation. Evidence can be moved, tainted, destroyed or even overlooked. Our investigators will review the case file to insure that proper policies and procedures were followed at your crime scene. Who was there? What did they touch? Was everything collected properly? We can give you the answers.

We will hire Investigators that can provide or say the following:
Homicide Investigation
Not satisfied with the results of a homicide investigation? We have former detectives who worked Manhattan North Homicide and Brooklyn North Homicide. They will review the investigative results of your case to insure that nothing was left out and no shortcuts were taken. We will examine and analyze crime scene photos, witness statements and autopsy reports. Our team has investigated hundreds of homicides in NY City.

Ballistics and Firearms Examination
When the prosecution presents a case involving a firearm they turn to a ballistics expert to conduct the investigation. You can do the same for your client. Our ballistic experts are all former members of law enforcement with extensive experience in conducting firearms investigations and testifying in court.

Sex Crimes

This type of criminal investigation must be handled with tact and diplomacy while at the same time insuring that the investigation was handled properly by the police. As professionals we utilize experienced female investigators wherever necessary to interview witnesses and obtain written statements.


Robbery investigations involve an identification of the individual(s) involved by the complainant. Whenever possible the police will attempt to corroborate that identification with other witnesses. Our investigative personnel will review the identification and witness statements. We will re-canvass the location verifying the statements of confirmed witnesses as well as attempting to identify witnesses.

Has your client been charged with burglary? Let our experienced investigators conduct a thorough defense investigation. We can re-interview the prosecution witnesses; and then canvass the crime scene and surrounding area seeking unidentified witnesses. We will review the police reports for accuracy and consistency. We will examine the evidence collected and review the collection process to insure it adheres to accepted policies and procedures.

Eyewitness Identification
This type of identification can be unreliable. Our defense investigators will examine the identification method. We have extensive experience in conducting both photo arrays and line-ups.

Forensic investigations can take on many forms. They can range from blood spatter analysis, latent prints, statement analysis, accounting, computer and cell phone forensics, to DNA. Through our vast network and professional affiliations we are able to provide experts in all areas of forensic investigations.

Unsolved Crimes / Suspicious Deaths
Suicide, homicide or accident? Our investigators will go back to the scene and re-canvass for previously unidentified witnesses. We will re-examine the evidence and reports to see if something may have been overlooked. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes may see something new.

Polygraph Examinations
Our skilled Polygraph Examiner is retired from the New York City Police Department as a First Grade Detective, assigned to the Major Case Squad. He is an expert in every aspect of interview and interrogation and has testified in hundreds of cases in both State and Federal courts.

Useful Investigative Resources:
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